Bullet Communications' core competency and strength is building Data Centers and Trading Floors. We have a proven track record with many Fortune 500 firms; we are the vendor of choice when a new Data Center or Trading Floor needs to be designed, built and maintained.

Bullet Communications believes in establishing standards and procedures to ensure that projects are carried out the same way every time and that quality assurance is part of every job. It's our policy and procedures to test and report daily, weekly and monthly, via Visio, Excel, CAD, MS Project and Word, all of the work and changes that were made to the network. Reports will reflect the goals of that week, accomplishments, roadblocks, on-going issues and tracking reports. It is our policy to provide detailed Post Modern reports on all issues. In addition, our standard and policy is to supply reports with service levels on all activity that has been performed by Bullet Communications.

Design and Installation Services that we offer:

  • Horizontal 4 pair UTP Voice & Data Cabling
  • Horizontal 4 pair UTP Voice & Data Cabling Terminations, Testing, Documentation, & As-builts
  • Copper and Fiber Optic Vertical Risers Cabling
  • Copper and Fiber Optic Vertical Risers Cabling Terminations, Testing, Documentation, & As-builts
  • Campus Environment Copper & Fiber Outside Plant Work including Utilities
  • Demarcation Facilities
  • Airblown Fiber Distribution for In-building & Campus Environment
  • Office & Warehouse Paging Systems
  • Audio/Visual Structured Cabling & Equipment Installation
  • In-building Distributed Antenna Wireless Installation
  • Maintenance & Preventative Maintenance Services
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Structured Cabling Deisgn & Implementation
  • Develop Schematics to track design of project
  • Reconfiguration of existing networks
  • Data Center and Wiring clean up
  • Cable management services
  • On-site contracted technicians
  • Design specifications for building cable plan encompassing all current media including copper, fiber, and wireless
  • Manage infrastructure for campus wide installation
  • Traffic Engineering, Site Survey, Network Optimization
  • Paging, Sound Masking
  • Security-Video Surveillance